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September 15, 2016: Redstar Gold Corp. (TSX.V: RGC, US: RGCTF, FRA: RGG) ("Redstar" or the "Company") announces results from it's summer surface sampling & geological mapping program at the Shumagin Zone ("Shumagin") at it's 100% controlled Unga Gold Project, Alaska. Samples taken from the other district targets, including Empire Ridge and Orange Mountain, are currently being analyzed and compiled, with results expected to be released shortly.

Recent Shumagin Zone Exploration Highlights:

  • Chip sampling returned a weighted average of 37.26 g/t Au & 103.7 g/t Ag over a true width of 2.3 meters;
  • The exploration program has refined new exploration targets along known strcutures hosting high-grade rhodochrosite-bearing breccias within dilation zones localized along the ~2.0km Shumagin Zone.

Redstar's President & CEO, Peter A. Ball, commented, "The summer exploration program at Shumagin has refined new exploration targets along known structures hosting high-grade rhodochrosite-bearing breccias within dilation zones localized along the ~2.0km Shumagin Zone. We are very excited to further test these new targets, that includes anomalous structures localized within the footwall and hangingwall, as well as testing other conceptual geological targets such as the hangingwall graben. We see a lot of room for additional discovery potential at the Unga Gold Project, as we continue to advance exploration at Shumagin, and we will apply that knowledge towards defining new exploration targets along the ~ 9km Shumagin Trend."

The Company completed an infill rock-chip sampling and geological mapping program along steeply-standing, multi-staged breccias that are exposed along the northeast trending ~2.0km long Shumagin Zone, a major structure that is part of the ~9km long Shumagin Trend (See website link Fig. 1). Samples taken along the Main Breccia at Shumagin returned high-grade gold & silver values, including a composited continuous chip sample taken across the exposed width of weathered quartz-adularia-rhodochrosite breccia. The chip sampling returned a weighted average of 37.26 g/t Au & 103.7 g/t Ag over a true width of 2.3 meters. The rhodochrosite-rich breccia phase at Shumagin is the main exploration target type at the Unga Gold Project.

Unga Gold Project: Shumagin Zone - Historical Overview

The Main Breccia at Shumagin has been previously sampled to a limited extent by trenching and rock chip sampling along its ~500m variably-exposed strike length. Nine (9) historic trenches, excavated during 1983 by Alaska Apollo Gold Mines Ltd., spaced every ~50 to 100m returned composite rock chip values up to 19.2 g/t Au & 223.5 g/t Ag over 3.3m and produced scattered results commonly >1g/t Au & >5g/t Ag. Redstar considers these results historical in nature; it has not independently verified them, and therefore they should no longer be relied upon. During 2014, Redstar took limited selective rock chip samples along the western-most exposures of the vein breccias that produced a single high-grade value of 9.9 g/t Au & 74.4 g/t Ag near previously sampled historic trench occurrences. Additionally in 2014, Redstar placed a 750m by 200m oriented soil sample grid along the western extension of the vein breccias that returned strongly anomalous gold, silver and pathfinder elements directly on top of the exposed vein system (20 to 50ppb Au; >0.5ppm Ag) as well as highlighting other potential anomalies located ~400m to the southwest of known anomalous trenches (see Redstar Press Release dated December 22, 2014).

Shumagin Zone: Summer 2016 Surface Exploration Program:

The exploration program was designed to increase the distribution of rock chip samples previously taken along surface exposures of the Main Breccia, Bunker Hill and along the SW soil anaomly to be used to compare geochemical signatures to one another as well as providing a comparison of subtle features associated with potential deep drill targets of blind, structurally controlled breccias elsewhere within the Unga Gold Project. Additionally, a single soil line was also placed to cross cut inferred structures located in the footwall distal to the Shumagin scarp.

Summer 2016 Results: Main Breccia

Forty-four (44) rock chip samples were taken along steep exposures covering ~325m of strike along the Main Breccia at Shumagin and returned variably anomalous gold values ranging from less than < 1g/t to up to 54.4g/t and silver from less than < 1g/t to up to 137g/t (see website link Figs. 2a-c). High-grade samples taken along the Main Breccia are of pitted, carbonate-rich, black manganese-oxide stained breccia that are essentially weathered versions of the rhodochrosite-bearing breccia that is observed to host bonanza gold and silver grades in drill core.

The majority of exposed breccias along the Shumagin scarp are early-stage hydrothermal breccias that can contain bonanza grades and are clearly cross-cut by the late-phase rhodochrosite-breccias. High-grade surface samples of the rhodochrosite-breccia are anomalous in base metals (Pb, Zn, Cu) as is common in drill core and are highly anomalous in tellurium (up to 22.3 ppm Te) and manganese (up to 3.08% Mn) and indicate the presence of gold-tellurides and manganese carbonate (rhodochrosite).

Summer 2016 Results: Bunker Hill

Fifteen (15) rock chip samples were taken along exposed breccias at Bunker Hill (See website link Fig. 2b), where historic shallow diamond drill intercepts from DDH26 returned intervals of 37.7 g/t Au & 20.6 g/t Ag over 0.76m & 11.48g/t Au and 15.1g/t Ag over 1.21m. Rock-chip samples taken along ~10-20m wide, east-west trending exposures of oxidized and manganese oxide-stained quartz-adularia breccias returned anomalous values of gold (up to 453ppb) and silver (up to 26.4ppm) and are enriched in tellurium (up to 20.4ppm) and manganese (up to 8190ppm) and indicate the presence of a similar rhodochrosite-breccia phase within the vicinity of the sampled breccia bodies.

Highlighted 2016 Surface Rock Chip Samples from the Shumagin Zone

Rock Sample # Chip length
Composite Chip
P41303,P41304, P410305
2.3 37.26 103.7 - -
Incl. 0.5 11.95 92.5 7.59 30,800
Incl. 0.9 34.2 137 14.85 6,560
Incl. 0.9 54.4 76.8 3.11 2,160
P410313 - 5.96 16.4 2.82 19,950
P410315 - 11.55 67.6 4.78 1,580
P410417 - 7.19 17.1 2.19 1,610
P410418 - 2.96 10.85 0.56 2,210
P410419 - 1.47 3.51 1.64 355
P410424 - 1.67 43.9 22.3 1,020
P410425 - 5.64 18.9 1.3 101

Please refer to Redstar's website to see complete results from Shumagin, which also includes previously reported samples from historic trenching and samples taken during 2014 and reported in Redstar's press release dated December 22, 2014.

Results: 2014 Southwest Soil Anomaly

Eleven (11) rock chip samples were taken within the vicinity of a soil anomaly discovered in 2014 along the southwest most exposures along the Shumagin Zone that previously returned gold-in-soil of 20-60ppb Au with values up to 197ppb Au (Fig. 2c). Outcrops in the area consist of highly altered lithic tuffs cut by multi-stage, grey-black chalcedonic breccias that contain clasts of colloform sulfides (pyrite + marcasite) that are in-turn cut by minor milky white quartz veins. These breccias are identical to early-stage veining discovered by drilling by Redstar during 2015 along the Shumagin scarp that were described as the "ginguro breccias". Rock chip samples of the colloform sulfide breccias returned anomalous values of gold and silver and are highly anomalous in arsenic (up to 186.5ppm), mercury (up to 7.63ppm) and stibnite (up to 30.6ppm). The recognition of colloform sulfide breccias ~400m southwest of breccia exposures at Shumagin indicate that the structures responsible for mineralization along the Shumaing scarp are through-going and present viable exploration trenching and drilling targets for additional gold-silver mineralized breccia bodies.

Results: Footwall Soil Line

Numerous parallel or oblique structures located within the footwall and hangingwall of the Shumagin scarp could potentially host additional blind breccias (See website link: Fig. 2b, 2c). To test these structures within the footwall at Shumagin, a single ~360m long soil line consisting of thirteen (13) samples was taken to cross cut these structures. Geochemical results from these soils returned gold values of 10-20 ppb Au with values up to 240ppb Au. The highest gold values from the soils are coincident with trace pathfinder elements (Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu, Mn) similar to the rhodochrosite-breccia.

Exploration for Additional Rhodochrosite-bearing Breccias at the Shumagin Zone

The localization of gold-silver bearing multi-staged breccias along the ~2km long Shumagin Zone document a significant hydrothermal system was active along this major structure and indicates a strong potential for additional discoveries along its known strike length.

In drill core, the rhodo-breccia exhibits beautiful crustiform-colloform bands of quartz-adularia plus native gold, then overgrowths of rhodochrosite and minor disseminated clots of galena, yellow-sphalerite and rare chalcopyrite and is host to bonanza gold-silver grades (see drill results below). This intermediate-sulfidation style breccia is the main exploration target-type at the Unga Gold Project. At Shumagin, this discrete breccia phase occurs within east-west oriented structurally-controlled dilation zones that cross-cut earlier breccia phases localized along the >1,200-meter-long northeast-southwest trending Shumagin structure.

Exposed breccias localized along the Shumagin structure (e.g. Main Breccia, Bunker Hill & East Zone) all exhibit textural and geochemical similarities to the main gold-silver bearing rhodo-breccia, occur within east-west trending dilation zones, and are high-priority exploration targets (See website link: Figs 2b, 2c).

Subtle geochemical signatures from the footwall soil line are similar to values from 2014 soil samples located proximal to exposed breccias at Shumagin (e.g. 10-25ppb Au) and indicate the potential for gold-silver bearing structures localized within the footwall and demands additional follow up soil-grid sampling in the area (See website link: Fig. 2c).

East-west oriented gold-in-soil anomalies ranging from 60-320ppb Au that are also enriched in pathfinder elements (Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu, Mn) occur within the 2014 soil grid area and could indicate leakage along blind structures hosting conjugate breccia bodies to the Main Breccia (See website link: Figs. 2b, 2c). A geological contact separating altered hangingwall tuffs (north) from unaltered pyroxene-phyric basalts (south) located ~140m south of the Shumagin structure could be a major conjugate structure, that helped localize colloform sulfide breccias at the Southwest Soil Anomaly and is interpreted to be a part of a conceptual extensional basin (e.g. Graben) localized within the southeast down-dropped block of the Shumagin structure and is a significant conceptual exploration target (See website link: Fig. 3).

Selected Historical Drill Highlights from the Shumagin Gold Zone**:

Hole# From
Gold Grade
Silver Grade
DDH-26 49.07 49.83 0.76 37.7 20.6
DDH-28 44.81 46.02 1.22 16.5 55.5
DDH-35 77.27 77.88 0.61 192.6 5403.4
DDH-42 132.59 134.11 1.52 30.96 35.0
DDH-46 153.62 154.84 1.22 365.35 190.6
DDH-51 156.06 156.67 0.61 182.02 88.5
DDH-57 38.1 39.62 1.52 59.59 50.05
BMS-01 272.8 278.28 5.49 24.02 19.4
11SH007 223.0 224.0 1.00 43.9 18.5
11SH009 210.1 211.0 0.9 43.1 37.2
11SH010 259.25 259.8 0.55 738.0 408.0
15SH011 60.1 62.0 1.90 202.0 82.0
15SH012 64.0 66.0 2.00 35.3 209.0
15SH012 82.0 85.0 3.00 16.95 183.0
15SH012 89.0 89.7 0.70 133.0 422.0
15SH013 144.0 145.0 1.00 17.45 122.0
15SH013 146.0 147.0 1.00 20.9 232.0
15SH014 187.0 188.0 1.00 19.9 16.0
15SH018 196.0 197.0 1.00 41.2 130.0

*True widths of the mineralized intervals are close to 70-80% of Core Length
**DDH-26, 28, 35, 42, 46, 51, 57 & BMS-01 are historic in nature and are not reported herein as new drill results
**11SH007-010 and 15SH011-018 have been previously disclosed and may be viewed on Redstar's Website at

About The Unga Gold Project

The 100% controlled Unga Gold Project covers key strategic portions of adjacent Unga and Popof Islands, approximately 900 kilometers southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Redstar controls a 240 square kilometer land package that is host to numerous structurally controlled, volcanic hosted intermediate-sulfidation epithermal high-grade vein, breccia, stockwork and disseminated gold-silver occurrences.

The Unga Project has excellent infrastructure, including direct daily flights from Anchorage, a deep-sea port and a temperate climate. The former Apollo-Sitka gold mine, located on the southern Apollo-Sitka Trend, was Alaska's first underground gold mine and the site of historic high-grade gold production.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

The 2016 exploration program at the Unga Project includes a Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) program, overseen by Jesse C. Grady, Redstar's Vice President of Exploration. All soil/talus/rock samples have been shipped to ALS Minerals for preparation and geochemical analysis.

Jesse C. Grady, MSc, CPG-11592, is a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101. Mr. Grady has prepared and approved the technical information contained within this release.

About Redstar Gold Corp

Redstar is a junior exploration company focused on high-grade gold exploration in North America. In Alaska, the Company is exploring the 100% controlled high-grade Unga Gold Project. In addition, Redstar recently sold its Nevada portfolio to NV Gold Corp. (TSXV: NVX), in return for two (2) board seats and 29.9% of NV Gold Corp. Redstar also owns 30% of the Newman Todd Gold Project, in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Peter A. Ball, President and CEO

For additional information please contact:

T: +1.604.245.5861
Toll Free: 877.310.3330

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Figure 1. Generalized geological map of the SE portion of Unga Island, Alaska.

Figure 2a. Aerial View of the Main Breccia at Shumagin.

Figure 2b. Detailed geological map of the Main Breccia at Shumagin showing recent and historic gold in rock and soil geochemistry.

Figure 2c. Geological map of the ~2 kilometer long Shumagin Prospect.

Figure 3. Shumagin Graben/Foowall Concept Model


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