Heather Zone

The Heather zone appears to be the SW continuation of the fault structure which hosts the Apollo Vein. Accessible outcrops lie between 76 – 243m asl which is about the same as the Apollo-Sitka outcrops. The structure is 30-50m wide and has been traced for 2,200m along strike. It contains a mixture of a silicified, fine-grained, flow-banded quartz-porphyry rhyolite dyke and a silicified tuff, both of which are cataclastically brecciated. The last stage of brecciation is pure faulting with no alteration.

Geochemical sampling by Resource Associates of Alaska showed a significant anomaly: the average grade of 26 samples collected along 750m of strike was 0.12ppm Au with locally anomalous values up to 0.41ppm Au. The same zone averages 2.2ppm Hg (maximum 10.6ppm) and an average 155ppm As (maximum 483 ppm). Whilst surface alteration is only moderately favorable, geochemistry indicates a gold-mineralized target at depth.


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