The Chance prospect is one of three prospects along a 5km long, N45E structural trend along with Midway and Junior.  These prospects are exposed at different elevations along the trend; Chance at 76m asl, Midway at 213m asl and Junior at 274m asl. 

Quartz veining and precious metal mineralization at Chance occurs at an intersection of the NE structure with a NNW structure.  The area consists of several quartz veins and areas of silicified and iron-oxide rich andesite.  Exposure is poor in the area due to thick brush and marshes.  One trench was dug and exposed a 9.8m wide zone of massive silica and silicified andesite.  Trench channel samples returned anomalous gold and silver values including a 1.3m wide zone with 0.94g/t Au and 1.9g/t Ag and a 1.9m wide zone with 0.61g/t Au and 1.8g/t Ag.  One grab sample from the trench assayed at 0.99g/t Au, 26.0g/t Ag, along with high base metal values 9,600ppm Pb and 975ppm Cu.  Generally, gold and base metal values were higher while arsenic and mercury values are lower at the Chance prospect compared to Junior and Midway. 

The Midway prospect lies 2,600m NE of the Chance prospect.  It consists of several knobs of zeolite-chalcedony-jasper-pyrite breccia. Several rock chips samples taken over the prospect contain anomalous silver (15ppm), arsenic (510ppm), mercury (>5ppm) and trace gold.

The Junior prospect outcrops approximately 2,130m NE of Midway and consists of sheared basalt-andesite flows cut by thin chalcedony, zeolite and jasper veins in an area approximately 1,220m long by 61m wide.  Rock samples of the chalcedonic vein material assayed up to 2.2g/t Au and 1.4g/t Ag. Arsenic and Mercury values are high in numerous other rock samples indicating it may be the top of a hydrothermal system.  One 159m hole was drilled into the target in 1981 from which assays returned a 61m interval averaging 4.9ppm Hg and 365ppm As.


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