Norm's Vein

Norm’s vein is an NNE striking, anastomosing quartz vein system with highly variable widths from < 1m to 12.2m, dipping steeply to the west and outcrops at 213m asl.   Host rocks are mostly unaltered andesites in the hanging wall to the NW and variably clay altered and silicified tuffs in the foot wall to the SE.  The setting is very similar to the Shumigan vein system with an opposite dip direction.  Small amounts of sphalerite, galena, chalcopyrite and barite occur in outcrop and in drill intercepts of the vein system.  All surface samples of the vein contained anomalous silver and gold up to 0.65g/t Au and 73g/t Ag.  Two holes were drilled which both intercepted the vein system: hole  NV-1-83 intercepted 2.4m @ 0.48g/t Au and 12.3g/t Ag, and hole NV-2-83 intercepted 2.25m @ 0.31g/t Au and 27.4g/t Ag.   


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