The Zachary Bay and H&H Prospect

The Zachary Bay prospect is located seven kilometers northwest of the Shumagin Zone. Redstar geologists have recognized and described porphyry-style copper-gold mineralization based on examinations of archived drill core which intersected disseminated Cu-Au mineralization in intrusive rocks as seen in Hole Z1 which included a 107m long section grading 0.11% Cu and 0.28g/t Au. The hole was drilled targeting a 500m long, magnetic high elongated in a north-northwest direction, with a width of about 200 meters. Both potassic alteration (hydrothermal biotite and magnetite) are present as well as disseminated and veinlet chalcopyrite within a diorite intrusive phase with pink, potassium-feldspar phenocrysts. There is a strong correlation between [Cu] and [Au] in Z1, whilst Ag-As-Pb-Zn values are very low – also indicative of a porphyry Cu-Au system.

Positions of rock grab prospecting samples containing anomalous gold and copper in relative to DDH Z1

Positions of rock grab prospecting samples containing anomalous gold and copper in relative to DDH Z1

Another three shallow holes were drilled to the east of Z1 with no significant gold, but all of which contained anomalous copper content up to 1,000ppm Cu along with disseminated chalcopyrite, local zones of diffuse hydrothermal magnetite and disseminated pyrite. In 2014, an internal report by Jake Margolis concluded that hole Z1 may represent the uppermost parts of a potassic porphyry system:

“Two of four holes drilled by Duval-Quintana in 1975 crossed quartz diorite with clear porphyry-style biotite-magnetite potassic alteration along with disseminated and veinlet chalcopyrite:

DDH Z-1, 117m vertical: average grade of 0.13% Cu and 0.280 g Au/t over 107 meters 
DDH Z-2, 44 m vertical: average grade of 0.093% Cu.

Numerous prospecting rock samples taken within 1km of Z1 contained from 0.1 up to 0.3ppm Au”.

Duval-Quintana also reported chalcocite enrichment in outcrops where samples contained >500ppm Cu. The main showing is a 50m wide hornfels outcrop from which sampling returned assays averaging 0.36% Cu,  0.004% Mo and 0.016opt Au with a  best of 0.535% Cu and 0.021opt Au.

H & H Prospect

The H&H prospect is located NNW from the Zachary Bay intrusive and occurs along a NW trending fault separating a dacite dome from a sequence of felsic tuffs.  This fault zone is between 1.5-6m wide and is believed to control mineralization.  Alteration along this fault consists of pervasive clay alteration with patchy zones of silicification and strong pyritization.  Rock samples taken by RAA between 1979-1983 show anomalous gold and silver values up to 0.335g/t Au and 39.0g/t Ag.


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