Bloomer Ridge

Bloomer Ridge was prospected, trenched and sampled in the 1980s by Research Associates of Alaska. The trenching revealed a N60E-striking vein system, with minor N40W striking, steeply south dipping veins, some of which are banded and brecciated.

RAA listed twelve samples in their 1983 report with values greater than 1g/t Au including a grab from a silicified, argillized quartz-eye tuff returning up to 2g/t Au with a maximum 5.5g/t Au in a NW striking vein, but with no obvious association between mercury and arsenic and [Au].

RAA noted that the dominant structural trend is N60E (cf that of the high grade Shumigan structure immediately to the north), and that smaller N40W structures are enriched in Au up to 5g/t Au.

They concluded that structural mapping may confirm the attitude and location of high grade ore shoots and that the best areas for continued prospecting are the Saddle and Cliff areas and NE and SW sides of the Ridge. Here, small quartz veins sampled up to 6.4g/t Au in locations of thick vegetation where sampling and mapping was not completed to determine extent of this area of mineralization.=

VLF/EM geophysics shows an open ended anomaly on the local grid at 112E/100N and 112E/99N which may be an extension of the main vein so far discovered but is covered by thick vegetation.

Battle Mountain Gold (1990) noted that NW trending veins and structures tended to be higher grade, and predicted that there would be a good stratigraphic drill target 500’ below the top of the Ridge in a porous host.

Due to its proximity and potential connection to gold mineralization at the Shumagin Zone three to five days of detailed mapping are recommended as the next stage of exploration, westward towards Pray’s Vein and to the NE in the valley floor to determine mineral elongation and/or plunge-parallel intersections of shear zones, faults and other planar features to help locate high grade ore-shoots for drill testing.


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