Pook Prospect

The Pook prospect is located about 0.5km south of Orange Mountain and comprises a northeast striking, auriferous quartz-calcite vein that ranges in width from three to 20m and has been traced along strike for 600m along the contact between a basalt flow and a sequence of andesitic and pyroclastic rocks.  The vein is crushed and sheared, showing multiple periods of fault movement and yielded surface sample assays containing anomalous gold throughout the area.

Resource Associates of Alaska recorded a best surface samples containing 2.78g/t Au + 41.6g/t Ag in the early 1980s. Later in the 1980s, sampling by Battle Mountain Gold Corp showed that 80% of samples contained gold ranging from 26 – 100ppb Au with one sample containing 10.28g/t Au.

In 1981 Resource Associates of Alaska drilled a hole intended to test that occurrence and intersected a deep, 10m wide vein zone dipping steeply south/sub-vertical that has been strongly sheared and brecciated by post-mineral fault displacement. The best intervals were located at the footwall and contained 0.69g/t Au from 80.8 –83.2m, and 0.41g/t Au from 83.8 – 85.

Jake Margolis considered the Pook vein to be a possible northeastern continuation of the Aquila-Amethyst vein array located two kilometers to the southwest.


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