Pray’s Vein Prospect

The Pray’s Vein prospect is an area of strong, pervasive silicification trending parallel to the Shumagin vein system and possibly defining the south margin of the Shumagin trend. It is mapped as an area within a strong magnetic low that broadly continues through the Shumagin high grade zone to the NE.

Included in sampling by Resource Associates of Alaska in the 1980s, a 1.8m channel sample across quartz-barite veinlets returned an assay containing 11.8g/t Au.

Broader silicification is interpreted as residual  type quartz formed by condensation of magmatic gasses below the water table, similar to that seen at Orange Mountain, with abundant very fine-grained disseminated pyrite, local drusy-quartz lined vugs, and multi-stage silica-pyrite veinlets.

Of two holes drilled on the Pray’s Vein structure in the 1980s, one was abandoned and the second returned several intervals of sub gram gold including 1.5m @ 0.315g/t Au and 2.4g/t Ag in strongly silicified rock, but the log does not specify whether the Au-Ba veining was intersected.

Due to its proximity and potential connection to gold mineralization at the Shumagin Zone, the area will benefit from structural interpretation to anticipate where further drilling might cut economic mineralization.


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